Matrix AI ( is R&D company that invented the Matrix Operating System and Polykey Secret Sharing System. Our OS is an orchestration platform for the cloud and internet of things. Our operating system's primary objective is to orchestrate massive distributed computing infrastructure so that they become self-healing, self-organising, and self-adaptable.


We are recruiting for entry-level and mid-level candidates (part-time/full-time/casual) (Australian residents preferred, International students are accepted!) to join our team in building several sub-projects:

  • Compiler for typed functional domain specific language for expressing distributed service composition. The language will be used to drive the orchestration of the distributed service.
  • User interfaces for our Polykey Secret Sharing System, the Matrix Operating System Control Surface, our Machine Learning Orchestration Dashboards and related design tasks (web, art). You'll be involved in designing the visual language, information architecture, and the user experience of our operating system from scratch. Our users are pilot operators of a complex virtual machinery. The interface is the cockpit of the operating system ensuring real-time control and maintenance of critical core IT infrastructure.
  • Network observation monitors that feed information into our real-time control and maintenance user interfaces.
  • Distributed database synchronisation and consistency algorithms.
  • Cryptographic protocols for secure communication establishment.
  • Heuristic-based and deep neural networks for distributed-system configuration-synthesis.
  • Distributed task and service scheduling algorithms.
  • Online AI deep learning training material.
  • Photographic evidence data warehouse for labeling and machine-learning.
  • Big data visualizations, statistical animations and infrastructure animations.


Matrix AI has a team of 8 developers and designers from all over the world working on different parts of the Matrix OS. The tools and languages we use go from low-level hardware to high-level algebraic mathematics. We are looking for part-time and full-time candidates to join the rocket ship.

Things that we work with:

  • Hindley Milner and Session Type type checkers
  • Vue and NativeScript and Electron
  • Haskell, PostgreSQL, Linux Kernel
  • C, Netlink, BPF, Wireguard
  • TypeScript, Node, Tailwind
  • Tensorflow and Dask
  • WebGL and 3D graphics
  • Peer to peer discovery and synchronization and NAT-busting
  • NixOS and Nix
  • Rust, Vector
  • Figma, Moqup
  • RTX2070s

Minimum requirements:

Knows a programming language either in Haskell, C/C++, TypeScript, Rust, Erlang, Elixir, Python
Studying/studied a CS/Engineering/Software Engineering Degree or equivalent industrial experience